6 Tips to Protect Kitchen Equipment while Turning them On after Lockdown

6 Tips to Protect Kitchen Equipment while Turning them On after Lockdown

6 Tips to Protect Kitchen Equipment while Turning them On after Lockdown

Posted on: 13 July 2020 | Read time: 5 Mins

At this unprecedented time of quarantine and lockdown due to COVID19, several food service businesses had to shut down for a while or their demand had sharply reduced. As a result, few food service owners may have chosen to disconnect their refrigeration equipment and other electrical commercial kitchen equipment for the purpose of saving energy. In this situation, there are a few easy measures that one can take to protect the industrial kitchen equipment to work properly when it is reconnected.

If your kitchen equipment is disconnected and not used since several days, here are 6 recommendations from Shree Manek Kitchen Equipment, the leader in manufacturing and planning of complete range of commercial kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants, clubs, hospitals, QSRs, etc, having more than 40 years of experience in all kinds of kitchen equipment, induction kitchen equipment, refrigeration equipment, exhaust services and planning of the kitchen.

bullet To ensure proper operation, make sure that the condensers and evaporators are clean, and you may also get maintenance of your equipment done, if needed.

bullet Make sure that there is no unusual noise like liquid slugging the compressor of commercial refrigerator or fans are out of balance, before restocking your refrigeration cabinet.

bullet When restarting your equipment after a long time, either it may take a longer time to reach the desired temperature or there may be an elevated energy consumption. Hence, before stocking your products in vertical 2-door / 4-door refrigerator, undercounter refrigerator, display counter or worktop refrigerator, first make sure that the equipment has achieved the desired temperature. This prevents the equipment from overloading and increasing the pull down time unnecessarily.

bullet After stocking all your products, check temperature of the equiment again and note the time it took to pull down. If possible, you may also record the amp draws on all motors after the cabinet has reached its apt temperature. You should also inspect and tighten electrical connections of all your electric kitchen equipment.

bullet Avoid turning off the equipment immediately after re-stocking your products

bullet One important thing to consider while restocking your product is that it is not very warm, otherwise it may take a long time to reach the apt temperature

Hardik Panchal, Director, Shree Manek Kitchen Equipment explains that disconnecting your commercial kitchen equipment to save energy is not always the solution if it is required only for a short period of time, for example, during the night. “Usually, one may think that their energy consumption may improve if they shut off their commercial refrigerators during lower demands. However, food services owners should consider that when they disconnect, the internal temperature of the equipment will get higher and when they turn it on again, it may require a lot more energy to pull the temperature down”, he explains. “This variation is temperature may also accelerate the decay of food and beverages, hence it is advisable to not turn off the commercial refrigeration equipment, in short period situations, added the director of Shree Manek Kitchen Equipment Pvt. Ltd.


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