Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Supply Events

Exhibition Pictures - FoodMech Asia 2017
Taking part in various events is always a morale boosting occasion for Shree Manek Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Seminars, informative sessions, training events, demonstrations, commercial kitchen plan discussions are some of the things that kept the exhibition attendees engrossed throughout the day.

Exhibition Pictures - Mumbai 2015
One of the most memorable exhibitions that Shree Manek Kitchen Pvt.Ltd. was a part of, we got a chance to exchange new developments in the commercial kitchen equipments industry and also showcase the future of food and drink industry in India to thousands of people at the exhibition.
Exhibition Pictures - Ahmedabad 2015
The 2015 commercial kitchen equipment suppliers exhibition in Ahmedabad, the economic powerhouse of Gujarat, witnessed a huge turnout of restaurateurs.
Exhibition Pictures Mumbai - Shree Manek 2014
Teamwork conquers all! It’s because of our fantastic team that the hotel equipment manufacturers exhibition will be remembered for a long time to come.

Exhibition Pictures Mumbai - Sunline 2014
Taking part in various events were always a spirit-boosting occasion for Shree Manek. Various seminars, informative sessions, training events, demonstrations were
a few of the things that kept us surging and moving ahead in the direction towards our vision of achieving the largest score of success across the world.
Exhibition Pictures - Mumbai 2013
An event that was completely dedicated to supporting and promoting convenient and easy-to-use hotel equipment manufacturers for chefs, cooks etc.
Exhibition Pictures - Ahmedabad 2012
The Ahmedabad exhibition had a plethora of items, like the dough kneaders for pastry outlets, service equipments for fast food joints, 4-Burner commercial cooking range for 5-star hotels etc.
Exhibition Pictures - Mumbai 2011
The 2012 exhibition gave us commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers an opportunity to interact with top restaurateurs from all over the world.