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Conceptual plan of your future kitchen is put forth in the form of a diagram which, ultimately, becomes your commercial kitchen plan. We understand that every food service establishment is unique and operates differently from others; commercial kitchen plan is designed and produced as per client’s requirements with a prior detailed kitchen planning, equipment drawings and service layouts of kitchen such as civil, electric plumbing and drainage; responsibility of the entire task is performed capably.

Brain mapping future plan of kitchen


" Perfection is manufactured on day-to-day basis "

We at Shree Manek Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Ltd. ensure a high standardized designing of industrial and commercial kitchen equipments at our state-of-the-art manufacturing units at Goregaon and Kaman. We believe that, hotel kitchen equipments should be one of quality, reliability and consistently capable of producing consumables.


Exhaust Services

As commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers, we offer a wide range of stainless steel exhaust systems and also electrical exhaust systems. Kitchen exhaust systems are used for extraction of air, heat, smoke, grease, steam and odors in commercial kitchens. Our exhaust systems are customized as per client’s requirements, specifically with perfection at par.

Shree Manek Centrifugal Blower

Centrifugal Blower

Energy efficient centrifugal blowers are designed especially for less power consumption in commercial kitchens (Restaurant/ Hotels Kitchen Equipments).

Fabricated by heavy mild steel sheets & plates reinforced with angle irons for sturdy support.

A fan is directly mounted on motor shaft for better performance and consistent performance.

Shree Manek Hood and Baffle Filter

Hood and Baffle Filter

Variations of wall-mounted or ‘I’ land hoods are fabricated according to the kitchen layout.

As commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers, it is our duty to provide you with nothing but the best; therefore, our aluminum baffle filters have a smooth, seamless surface that allows grease to run into hood collection, which offers a safe barrier protection.

Every hood contains gutter systems to remove oil and filters are provided with hinges to clean throughout.

Shree Manek Ducting System


Ducts are designed as per commercial kitchen plan.

They are fabricated from 22 SWG galvanized sheet.

We design oilleak-proof ducts which make cleaning and maintenance easy.


Installation of kitchen equipments

Industrial and commercial kitchen equipments simply cannot be installed without the guidance and watchful eye of expert technicians with technical know-how. Our hotel kitchen equipments are designed for quick, easy and flexible installation. Our installation projects are done efficiently within the given time obligations. We believe in providing you with a hassle-free service, at your desired location.

After Sales Services

After-sales service consists of maintenance of equipments (E.g. Restaurant Kitchen Equipments), ensuring extra longevity and smooth functioning of kitchen equipments. Our trained technicians come to you to fix, educate, or consult you on any commercial kitchen requirements;offering complete satisfaction to any new, potential or existing customers. We believe, it is a professional commitment towards the value systems that we hold onto, for reputation of our renowned brand name, Shree Manek Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

After Sales Services by Shree Manek