Kitchen Exhaust Equipments Manufacturer

As commercial kitchen equipment suppliers, we offer a wide range of stainless steel exhaust systems and also electrical exhaust systems. Kitchen exhaust systems (Industrial Kitchen Equipment) are used for extraction of air, heat, smoke, grease, steam and odors in commercial kitchens. Our exhaust systems are customized as per client’s requirements, specifically with perfection at par.

  • Shree Manek Exhaust Centrifugal Blower Unit

Exhaust Centrifugal Blower Unit

Centrifugal Blower

  • Energy efficient centrifugal blower design specially for kitchen exhaust considering exhaust pressure of kitchen.
  • Fabricated out of heavy mild steel sheets & plates, reinforced with angle irons for sturdy performance.
  • Fan directly mounted on motor shaft for better performance.

  • Shree Manek Exhaust Hoods

Exhaust Hoods


  • Ducting designed as per kitchen layout
  • Ducting fabricated from 22 swg Galvanise sheet.
  • Oil leak proof duct design for better performance
  • Ducts are designed in such a way that makes cleaning & maintenance easy.

  • Shree Manek Exhaust Hoods


Hood & Baffel Filter

  • Wall mounted or I land type hoods depending upon kitchen layout.
  • Fabricated from 18swg stainless steel / Aluminium sheets
  • Hoods containing of gutters system for removing oil.
  • Openable baffle filter fabricated from stainless steel sheets/Aluminium sheets
  • Filter are provided with hinges for better cleaning purpose.