Induction Based Equipments Manufacturers

Shree Manek Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Ltd., has worked for some of the Best Corporate Canteens, Hotels, Restaurants, Banquets, Schools, Clubs, and Hospitals and has been at the top of its game when it comes to the commercial cooking range.

Gas prices are increasing every day and, indirectly, this has resulted in increase of the expense of almost every commercial food joint. So why not reduce the expense by using an alternate source of power that is comparatively cheaper and more effective than gas. Yes, Induction based equipments of our commercial cooking range is something that every hotel, restaurant, club and the like, should use. Induction based equipments provide efficient heating without any loss of heat and use electricity as its source of power.

We have to our credit, some of the most reputed clients that include, Indian Railways, Lords Group of Hotels, Industrial Canteens, School Canteens, Banquet Halls, and Malls, where gas is not used at all anymore, and we as commercial kitchen equipment suppliers cater to them.

Why Induction

Induction Heating Technology is less known to commercial users in India. It is a European Technology that's in use for the past 40 years; it's highly successful, widely used and time-tested. Our cooking model being different from the rest of the world, Indianisation of the technology was required, so that we could apply the technology to our commercial cooking. This is what we at Shree Manek Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Ltd. have successfully managed to do over the years.

Induction heating eliminates the shortcomings and quality issues associated with gas. The basic benefit of cooking under induction heating is, the efficiency of heating in induction is 50% higher than in Gas. This shows that the power used to generate the heat is half in Induction, as compared to gas.

Induction is in trend, eco-friendly, cost-efficient, healthy and hygienic; specially brought to you to help you recover your investments within 2–3 years for your 10-hour working kitchens. This way, it provides you 40% monetary savings along with other benefits such as: zero carbon emission, no environment heating (exhaust requirement falls down 3 times), easy handling, easy cleaning and maintenance. As commercial kitchen equipment suppliers, we are extremely proud to endorse this extremely efficient technology.

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