Food Preparation Equipments Manufacturer

Good food, like a great work of art, takes time to prepare! All big restaurants put a lot of emphasis on the preparation of food and we as restaurant equipment manufacturers, craft a wide range of preparation equipments like commercial juicer machine, potato peelers, dough kneaders, heavy duty mixer grinder, commercial mixer grinder, vegetable cutting machine etc.

  • Shree Manek DOUGH KNEADER
  • Shree Manek DOUGH KNEADER

Dough Kneader

Dough Kneader & Planetory Mixers

  • Heavy fabricated M.S. base and body with gear box arrangement.
  • Stainless Steel square rod removable arm and fabricated bowl with brake arrangement to stop the bowl.
  • Capacity: 10lgs – 50 Kgs.

  • Shree Manek MIXER GRINDER

Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder

  • Large quantities of jams, chutneys, cured meats get processed within a few minutes and sometimes when the quantity is extremely massive then this commercial mixer grinder can process in a few hours.
  • Heavy duty mixer grinder is suitable for higher productions at canteens, hotels specializing in corporate dinners, pop-up restaurants, etc.
  • Material, construction and sizes can be fabricated as per costumer’s requirement

  • Shree Manek JUICER
  • Shree Manek JUICER


Juice Extractor Machines / Lassi and Milk shake Machine

  • To make juices and milkshakes quickly and without any wastage.
  • This commercial juicer mixer is suitable for juice centers and restaurants.
  • Aluminum die cast body with heavy duty motor
  • Machine comes with 2-plastic jars for making lassi and milk shakes separately.


Milk and Water Boiler

Milk Boiler / Water Boiler :

  • Aesthetically designed completely in stainless steel and insulated body
  • Milk boiler with double jacketed tank and indirect heating and Water boiler with direct heating.
  • Capacity ranging from 15 to 80 liters electrically operated and thermostatically controlled unit.

  • Shree Manek POTATO PEELER

Potato Peeler

Potato Peeling Machine

  • The Potato Peeling machine is fabricated from S.S. 18 swg sheet with modern, easy operation design for efficient way of peeling potato without much effort.
  • The Potatoes are fed into the drum which has emery lining inside with rotary disc rotates at high-speed, peels the potato skin in no-timer.
  • The flow of water washout the peelof skin through the drain provided at bottom.
  • The whole unit is mounted on sturdy S.S. Stand with motor & belt drive arrangement.

  • Shree Manek PULVARIZER


Pulvarisers Machine With Stand

  • Suitable for dry & wet grinding of Masalas pests, Tomato pury
  • Compact S.S body with feeding chute, rotor with harden crushing blades
  • Provided with 3-types of jalies for different types of grinding.
  • Heavy duty thermally cut off motor.
  • Capacity: 1.5 H.P – 7.5 H.P.


Vegetable Cutting Machine

Vegetable Cutting Machine

  • Our vegetable cutting machine has a complete Stainless Steel body with heavy duty motor.
  • It comes with 8 different dies for different styles of cuts of vegetables and fruits.
  • Machine has a capacity to cut 300 kgs/hr of vegetables.


Wet Masala Grinder

Wet Masala Grinder

  • Ideal for grinding masalas and dough for Idlies and Dossas.
  • Stainless Steel heavy duty drum with good quality grinding stone.
  • All S.S panelling fixed on sturdy base frame with coconut scrapper
  • S.S guard. Gearbox / Motor and belt drive system.
  • Available in 5, 7, 10 & 15 litre capacity.
  • Capacity:
    • 5 Litres
    • 7 Litres
    • 10 Litres
    • 15 Litres